The Cooking Shelf

Our mounted camping stove

This is a picture taken where we backed up under a bridge in a parking lot in Valence, France.

It shows the converting shelf for the Coleman dual fuel stove in its down position. When the stove is folded up in its suitcase mode, the bottom of the shelf folds […]

Traveller’s Eve

On leaving England

Here we are sitting in our van the night before we head to Dover to wrassle with the customs folks. My worst fear at this point is that the customs people will see all the nice panelling with screw heads and want to take everything apart to look for contraband.

They […]

The other side

Shelves and sink!

Here is the other side of the van, the night before we leave. You can see the newly installed sink and shelving a bit better in this picture. The wrapped up block of green is the Coleman stove that Ace and Jen gave us for Christmas.


Reaching for the Sky

Using an angle-grinder to cut out the skylight

One of the early ideas we had to add light and air to the living space that had no side windows was to put in a skylight. My original plan was to cut this out using the same small saw we had used on the […]

Warm Backside.

Insulated and lined backdoors

Here is a small update showing the rear doors after they were insulated and covered in plywood. The door controls (handle and lock) are isolated from the insulation by boxing them off with wooden stringers before insulating. This way we can use the controls without allowing interior air access to […]


Air vent hole in the side wall

After all that discussion about vapor barriers and sealing off the insulation, the next thing to mention may be that you will still want to have some ventilation in the living space while you sleep. We considered a few methods, including leaving the driver and passenger […]

Working Inwards

looking good

Here you can see what the walls look like just after we have finished insulating, put up the sealed vapor barrier and then screwed in the plywood walls. You may be able to tell that we segmented the walls into three pieces due to the curvature in the van walls. This seemed […]

Wall insulation.

Insulating the side wall with loft insulation

Here you see Christina adding loft insulation to the walls. I’m not sure I’d recommend loft, as I’m not sure its really made for vehicles. Note our use of gloves to handle the loft and a groundsheet to prevent fiberglass getting everywhere. We basically set up the […]

Moving on up.

Building the frame for the side wall

Here you can see us starting to build up the walls. We add wooden stringers to the metal supports on the inside for two reasons. The first is to slow down the conduction of heat from the wall to the cold metal exterior of the van with […]

Starting from the ground up.

Our floor insulation

Insulation helps to keep the van temperature steady. It is particularly useful to help prevent condensation on the metal exterior when it is cold outside. Condensation in your walls and particularly in your insulation spells mildew and mold. In order to prevent runaway mildew, you NEED a vapor barrier to prevent […]

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