Wall insulation.

Insulating the side wall with loft insulation

Here you see Christina adding loft insulation to the walls. I’m not sure I’d recommend loft, as I’m not sure its really made for vehicles. Note our use of gloves to handle the loft and a groundsheet to prevent fiberglass getting everywhere. We basically set up the […]

Moving on up.

Building the frame for the side wall

Here you can see us starting to build up the walls. We add wooden stringers to the metal supports on the inside for two reasons. The first is to slow down the conduction of heat from the wall to the cold metal exterior of the van with […]

Starting from the ground up.

Our floor insulation

Insulation helps to keep the van temperature steady. It is particularly useful to help prevent condensation on the metal exterior when it is cold outside. Condensation in your walls and particularly in your insulation spells mildew and mold. In order to prevent runaway mildew, you NEED a vapor barrier to prevent […]


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