The Cooking Shelf

Our mounted camping stove

This is a picture taken where we backed up under a bridge in a parking lot in Valence, France.

It shows the converting shelf for the Coleman dual fuel stove in its down position. When the stove is folded up in its suitcase mode, the bottom of the shelf folds […]

A Jumble

Inside the van

After our week of skiing, we basically just loaded up and drove down mountain to a nearby town called Albertville. As you can see, things are a bit messy and we really needed some more shelf and floorspace to ourselves so we decided to spend a morning doing some modifications.

The […]

Albertville, France

Picnicking in Albertville at a free campsite

We just came down the mountain from our week of skiing, and parked outside of a McDonalds to make use of the public services they provide, ie. bathrooms and internet. And while we were inside our van, a Frenchman peed on our front wheel! The price of […]

Skiing in the French Alps

Learning to ski in the French Alps

We had 2 gorgeous sunny days that I made the most of by repeated falling over. The view was stunning.

Check out the gallery below

Traveller’s Eve

On leaving England

Here we are sitting in our van the night before we head to Dover to wrassle with the customs folks. My worst fear at this point is that the customs people will see all the nice panelling with screw heads and want to take everything apart to look for contraband.

They […]

The other side

Shelves and sink!

Here is the other side of the van, the night before we leave. You can see the newly installed sink and shelving a bit better in this picture. The wrapped up block of green is the Coleman stove that Ace and Jen gave us for Christmas.



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