New Leader


Jim has pulled into the lead on our HOW FAR pool, guessing how far we will get in our white van. He is currently the closest in terms of number of countries.

We’re looking forward to crossing out his guess when we leave Spain!!

To have a look at where you stand or make […]

Winter Once More

We are pleased to announce that our travelled-to country count is now at TWO!

Showing a bit more fortitude today, we drove down from Toulouse, up into the Pyrenees and are now firmly in Andorra.

Christina is thoroughly disgusted with me for going backwards from Spring into Winter…

Well I think all the snow and […]


High winds?!?

We had a great time in bustling Toulouse and even went in for a fancy dessert in a Salon de The.

We were inexplicably prevented from entering one of the many city parks on our first day due to…

High winds?!?

We visited a number of churches and museums, including my favourite, Les Augustins […]

The Good Fight

car parts

A few juicy details we left out yesterday:

So after paying 70 Euros to Peugeot for the original diagnostic that landed us with a 850 odd Euro decision and the hope of finding cheaper replacement parts, we discovered that these silentbloc rubber pieces were in decent condition after all according to BOTH of the […]



It appears as though we are finally on the move once more!

Yesterday we get back to our mechanic after leaving the van with him all day to find that he had not done anything with it (he said) since he didn’t have ‘big enough tools’ for a van. Later we found out that he […]

Our Time in Albi

Here are some scenes from our extended stay in Albi

Town of Bricks

Albi is apparently the town of bricks. Their cathedral is made of bricks. Their bridges are made of bricks. Old buildings and new building boast bricks.

Where dogs are cats…


Who would have thought you could get dogs to reserve their peeing for designated areas?

Green Spaces (with running water)

Since we had so much time to kill in Albi, we wanted a truly premiere location for our stay. This is the best spot we have found so far, next to a park with a public bathroom and just five minutes from the town center.

The way parking works in France is that there […]

Location: still Albi

La Cathedrale in the centre of Albi

La Cathedrale in the centre of Albi

The parts we ordered arrived!!

And now for the bad news: We show up at the Peugeot garage this morning and it is suggested that we go to another garage to get the parts installed?! on the basis that it will keep costs down as the big […]

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