Ben’s in the lead

Ben is the current leader in our HOW FAR? contest. We just passed the 4000 mile mark, so his guess at 5000 miles is the next to beat.

Let’s see how long his lead lasts

The Perks of Civilization

White Wine with Citrus - Fantastic!

White Wine with Citrus – Fantastic!

Dave is a francophile. He married French, he lived in France, he loves the steak tartare, but best of all for his guests he loves wine. When Dave needs someone to talk wine with, his brother-in-law is a wine pro who promotes one of the French […]

Land of the olives

Olive bar

Olive bar

Spain is definitely the land of the olives. Olive groves abound, sometimes as far as the eye can see. Olives sometimes come free with beer. Nothing in North America can prepare you for all that is olive in Spain. The variety, the colours, the flavours, the sizes…. The brighter green, the more […]

La Famila Robles

Drink Heavily - Then Smile to Cover the Pain

Stunned Silence After Looking Inside

It was a good day indeed when we rolled into Madrid to see La Familia Robles. Sure Dave, and Anne-Marie are great friends, and its always good to see great friends. But they also represent a chance for us to measure just how far we have fallen […]

CONFIRMED Van sighting!

The van has officially been seen in Madrid!

We stopped in with some friends in Madrid (David and Anne-Marie) who kindly put us up and gave us access to running water for showers and a real bed with an en-suite bathroom! Such luxury!

We explored the Madrid tapas scene with Dave as our guide. With […]

Contest update

Tessa, Tricia and Jim are currently tied for the closest mileage guess of 4000 in our HOW FAR? contest. Our current mileage is 3,812.

Jim still holds position number one for his guess of 3 countries.

Best of luck to all.

A Clockwork Treasure Chest

The Right Side - Clear Picture

Clockwork Treasure Chest

In the castle in Segovia, one of the neatest castles I’ve seen, there was this very cool ‘clockwork’ box in a small room off the armory. While everyone else was fascinated by the large collection of armor, cannons, swords (rapiers), crossbows etc. I couldn’t get enough of this box.


Segovia’s mystery

Mystery Saint

Mystery Saint

In the castle, in the chapel there were paintings of various saints, some of which were fairly gory – heads rolling mid-battle. But the one that caught our eye in disbelief was this female saint holding a bloody breast in her hand. What saint could this be? What story could this picture […]

Stupendous Segovia


Segovia – Castle, Cathedral and mountains

Segovia was an amazing side trip we took from Madrid. It is an ancient town that the Romans had built. After the Romans, it was abandoned for a number of years, before it was repopulated.

The setting was incredible: snow-capped mountains in the background, along a river, on […]

A Strict Hierarchy

Where will YOU sit???

Where will YOU sit???

This is part of a menu posted on the inside window of one of the many bars in Toledo. As you can see from this very helpful list of prices, there is a pecking order associated with where you sit.

If you take your food and drink at […]

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