National Parks

Krka waterfalls

We went hiking in one of Croatia’s national parks. The Croatian coastline is between a mountain range and the Adriatic sea. So climbing up into the hills rewards you with a great view of the islands offshore. And the best part was that the trail was covered with wild oregano, making it a very […]

Moaning Melodies

In Zadar, Croatia, we saw one of the coolest city engineering projects ( a prize winner, apparently ) that I’ve ever run across. It’s called a ‘sea organ’, which pretty accurately portrays the idea. Reading about it ahead of time was neat, so we were interested, but what really knocked my socks off was how […]

Down the coast

Along the coast

Along the coast

What have we been up to heading down the Croatia coast?

The Adriatic Sea has been stunning, but still a bit chilly. We haven’t got any further than dipping our toes in so far. Here where the olive, grape and fig grow on dry, rocky soil, we’ve sat in a few […]


Let the shouting begin!

Let the shouting begin!

Well, after three months we were finally BUSTED by the local authorities for sleeping in our van instead of behaving like civilized people and going to one of the many auto-camping places strung along the coast here in Croatia. This is how it went down…

We had been […]

Adding up the miles

From the control centre

From the control centre

We are now in Croatia and VĂ©ronique our van has just completed 100,000 miles for her lifetime mileage and is still running strong!

That means we have new leaders to announce in our HOW FAR? contest ! Ben is currently ahead in two categories for his guess of 5000 miles […]

Croatia (Drink Beer While Outside)

New Country Alert: Croatia!

We were a bit worried about the border crossing in Croatia, since we’d be officially leaving the EU and there would be a proper immigration and customs inspection, unlike sailing around the rest of the EU where they have dismantled the difficult crossing bits. However, on the day, the customs chap […]

I sLOVEnia

Our last Euros were spent is Slovenia. Driving through, we discovered an amazing amount of green, forested countryside.

It is a country with a great capital. We spent two days in Ljubljana (pronounced Lubliana). A city, but not a big city. A river runs through town and the outdoor cafes and pedestrian areas abounded! We […]

Venice by Video

Some things are better shown by video than by picture, so I’ve uploaded a couple of my Venice videos to our YouTube channel which can be found HERE if you want to look at some other videos.

This first video is showing a Gondolier using his single oar to row and steer a boat […]


What a pleasure to walk around in! Besides watching the boat traffic, we enjoyed wandering the streets and crossing the bridges. It is a great feeling to be completely undisturbed by traffic as a pedestrian. There aren’t even any crosswalks to wait at… Boat traffic and walkers are completely separate.

Venice is losing people. The […]

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines (Monaco)

A Garage in the Stern

Water Drop in Front of Hotel

Since we were driving right past Monaco, we thought we’d swing in for the afternoon and take some time to walk around. This picture is in front of one of the fancy hotels in the middle of Monaco. I’m pretty sure if we’d traded in Veronique […]

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