Another Border Crossed – Serbia!

We were a little tentative about this border crossing for a couple of reasons.  First, we had heard that the Serbian officials were not very friendly.   That coupled with the fact that our car insurance wouldn’t cover Serbia and we’d have to purchase coverage at that same border didn’t add confidence.  We spent some significant […]

Swimming with a Boat

Room? for Two

Room? for Two

On Korcula we finally managed to find a place where we could afford to rent a small sailboat for a couple of hours. The price was 40 Euros for 2 hours, which is higher than our usual entertainment budget (by roughly 36 Euros), but it seemed worth it to […]

The Plan

When we set out from England, it was for an open road. Countries and experiences ahead of us, with only hints of ideas of where we were headed. To a number of you plying us for details on our upcoming trip we may have mentioned a number of potential destinations; France, Poland, Croatia, Turkey come […]

Adriatic ambling

Since Dubrovnik we’ve been exploring the Croatian peninsula that juts out south of the short Bosnian stretch of coast and even took our van across to an island. The water has been the mesmerizing setting for the current phase of our adventures. It is crystal clear and very inviting.

Here in pictures is some Croatian […]

Sailing, Sort Of

Hurry hurry, dinner reservations at 7!

Did someone forget to pack the SAILS?

After much searching we have finally found a place where we might be able to afford a short stint in a little rental sailboat, here on Korcula. We’ll go this Sunday and hope that the weather is nice (probably) and windy (maybe) and that I […]

How long can you go?


CONTEST UPDATE: Millie and Dick are in the lead for their guess of 4 months. We officially left England in our van 4 months ago in February. We have a snowy postcard of France up on the wall to remind us that, aside from countries, we’ve also driven through seasons.

Check out where your […]

No more whining

We had planned for everything.

We planned to be stealthy (light-tight), we planned to be warm (insulation), we planned for the heat (roof window), yet somehow as we moved into late May, our sleep was disturbed. It was the whining. I admit to my share of complaints and bad days, but this time it wasn’t […]


Smiling Defiance!!

We ran across this interesting story while in Dubrovnik.

Christina has taken to downloading podcasts which are walking-tours of the places we are going to visit. We then walk around these European cities with an Ipod and the feeling that we have our very own tour guide-in-a-box. While listening to one of these walking-tour podcasts […]

Dubrovnik (aka Republic of Ragusa)



What a feast for the eyes! Imposing grey fortified walls, grey stone houses, red ceramic tile roofs, polished marble streets right on the Adriatic. Dubrovnik is the third Croatian city with marble-lined pedestrian-only streets that has crossed our path. And it’s still a novelty for us.

We entered the city over a drawbridge […]

Marble-ous stuff

I’ve received one informed opinion saying that the streets are more likely marble.

She says: “limestone is more porous and in an older state looks more pitted, also marble being a stronger material is often used as a walkway material. In Europe marble is cheaper and is used all over”

And then I found a […]

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