Çay and Tasty snacks

Çay (pronounced chai), or tea, is the popular drink here in Turkey, drunk without milk, in delicate vase-shaped glasses made of glass, always served on a saucer, with sugar to sweeten it. While wandering around Istanbul, we saw numerous trays of tea carried off to be delivered to various shopkeepers, and empty chai glasses left […]

Bulgarian Roads: Always a Hard Sell

Souvlaki, Tea, or Me?

Half an Ad for Tea Rock

My computer was arguing with a local Internet Cafe, so this post is a little out of order. We crossed Bulgaria just before Turkey…

We rushed across Bulgaria mostly because of some rumors we encountered regarding car-thieves and dodgy driving conditions. Our plan was […]


I really enjoyed Istanbul. It was a great city, full of things to see. It is the kind of city where it would take weeks to exhaust the entertainment of just wandering the streets because of the wealth of unfamiliar elements to take in and enjoy.

Arriving in Turkey, it really feels that we’ve crossed […]

A New Look

We’ve entered a new land, with a new look. Mosques abound. Minarets are the tallest feature in most towns. The new look also comes with new sounds: when outside, you are likely to hear the call to prayer broadcasted 5 times a day through the minaret speaker systems. Decorative patterns abound, and fancy Arabic calligraphy […]

Welcome to Turkey


We crossed the Turkish border!! Compared to all the smooth, easy borders we’ve crossed up to now, where no papers other than passports were checked, crossing into Turkey actually felt more like entering a new country. This was the most serious border crossing we’ve been through yet. While in line in the van, we […]

Time Flies!

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVIE who is the current leader in our HOW FAR? contest as we hit our 5 month anniversary of leaving England in Krusevac (pronounced Kru-sh-vats), Serbia.

I have to admit that I enjoy pouring over the map of the places we’ve been. I thought I’d share the big picture of what our wanderings […]


Belgrade was our first city with a population of over 1 million since Italy.

City driving and parking is always an issue, and these problems are only exacerbated the larger the city.

Lounging on Fortress walls

Belgrade has the added trickiness of being built around the meeting point of two rivers – the Sava […]

Lucky This Time

She's fine

Two days ago, as we drove out of Belgrade, we arrived in a small town called Ljig and decided to pull over for lunch. We had heard that Ljig sported some nice cheese filled pastries and a local fig brandy (Rijak) that we wanted to sample. So we nose over into a quiet shady spot, […]

Zagreb Graffiti

An avid reader of our blog noticed that we’ve added a new header and couldn’t find it in our galleries. I hadn’t included it in a gallery before because we had already started posting about Serbia the next time we were online. For the curious, our new header is based on some graffiti we saw […]

Amusing Museum Musings

In the city of Novi Sad we wandered into a couple of Serbian museums. It has been a bit of an experience. The museums seem to be almost entirely abandoned. Both of the museums we visited we had entirely to ourselves. One curator kept himself busy switching the lights off behind us, each time […]

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