A Brush With Disaster

My Notes

Left Behind

Veronique had been having a bit of a tough time at the higher, cooler altitudes that Christina and I have been enjoying so much. However, one morning in Goreme while we were coaxing her to life in the cool of dawn (with hot air balloons overhead), she made a crunching […]

Unquenchable Turkish Picnic Spirit

picnic family

The Turks seem fanatical about picnicking. It seems that anywhere, lovely or unlikely, can be instantly transformed into a picnic spot by laying out a blanket. Besides in public parks, where one would expect to find picnickers, we’ve seen people eating by the side of busy roads and even between parked cars. All the picnic […]

Gazi Antep

Gazi Antep is the home of the Pistachio and the city is a gourmand’s dream, with a healthy restaurant and pastry shop culture. We had a delicious lamb kebab served on pureed eggplant and yoghurt that we’re still talking about and, of course, pistachio baklava! In the photos, you will also catch a glimpse of […]

As the Romans do

We’ve had a bit of a time of it since coming down from the mountains to Mardin. The nights just don’t cool off. We gaze with longing at the local solution – sleeping outside. Many houses and even 24-hour gas station attendants seem to have this adult sized metal crib in their yards with a […]


Mardin is a great desert town built on a hill looking out over the plains toward Syria. The whole town seemed to be in a baked sandy colour. It has become a hot spot for domestic tourism There were a couple strikingly-carved minarets, including one that had a spiral pattern carved into its surface.

One […]

Mmmm Green Awesomeness

Pure Green Tart Goodness

Pure Green Tart Goodness

These little babies look like regular pears, but they don’t have a flat bottom like the pears I’m familiar with. They do, however, have this awesome ability to morph from a tart crisp flavor to soft and sweet.

This makes them absolutely perfect for Christina and I. I like […]

Ancient Ani

Ani is the ruins of an old Armenian city, bordered on two sides by a gorge. Conquered and reconquered. The central building flipped between mosque and church a number of times.

What is left is a good portion of the impressive outer wall and the ruins of a number of churches. Some with frescoes, some […]

Results: The Invite

This Will Hurt A Bit

Out to GET ME

Now that you have all read about Turkish generosity in Christina’s post, let me tell you about how my eagerness to enjoy Turkish hospitality ended with me at the hospital!

Two of the dishes served to us at our friendly farmer’s house were hot sweet milk and cream. […]

The Invite

Talk about generosity. The Turks have everyone outdone. They take generosity to a whole new level. We’ve been offered numerous cups of ├žay, and it seems that any time we are near an eating family we are offered food. In Turkey, the next question after “Where are you from?” is “Would you like some of […]

The Boatbuilders of Kurucasile

The Inside

Beginning and Finishing

While scooting along the north coast of Turkey, the Black Sea coast, we arrived at Kuracasile and found out where all the handmade wooden fishing boats were coming from. As we walked towards the harbour, we ran across several boat skeletons of various sizes in various lumber yards. At the Harbor […]

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