5 days til running water

rubber ducky

We are moving down the Greek coast with a destination in mind.

We’re meeting up with my family in Athens, Greece where we’ll be sleeping in proper beds, and have luxuries such as showers, toilets, a fridge. These things have come up in conversation a surprising number of times recently…

It’s well worth an […]

Derinkuyu – An Underground City!

A firmly closed door.

Homey for Hobbits

This is one of the coolest places I’ve ever seen, an entire town built underground. Basically the idea was that the whole town would hide underground when those persecuting armies would come invading. There are several in the area, but this one in Derinkuyu was huge, with hundreds of […]



We’ve crossed another border.

We’re now in GREECE, or Ellas – if you’re Greek, or Yunanistan – if you’re Turkish (I’d love to know the origin of that name… You can imagine our confusion and surprise as we started following signs out of Turkey and Yunanistan seemed to also be in the direction we were […]

Turkey’s Idol Worship

Resting in Peace?

The Beloved Two

One of the things you can’t help but notice in Turkey is its patriotism. In traveling around the world, I’ve never seen any place with as much of a flag fetish as America has, that is until I went to Turkey! Bright red flags adorn pretty much everything in […]


Efes Library

Ephesus was an ancient Greek city, and later a Roman city with a population of 250,000 during the 1st century B.C.

We got to wander around on the main marble-paved road framed by a line of columns on either side and peer down the occasional gap to see that the streets were also the […]

The Evil Eye

evil eye

The charm

Here in Turkey you are never safe. Danger lurks in every face. At any time someone can turn the evil eye on you. Maybe because they didn’t like something you did, or maybe because they’re jealous of you.

But don’t be too worried. There is some protection available. It comes in the […]

Figs – going to the source

Fresh fig

Everytime I look at a package of dried figs in the grocery store in Europe (usually with longing) I notice that the country of origin is often Turkey. Along the way on this trip I’ve been biding my time and waiting for a chance to indulge in my rightful Greek heritage. We finally arrived in […]

Unique Dining

With a warm climate comes outdoor eating. With outdoor eating comes cafe and restaurant crowded streets which always feel lively and pleasantly pedestrian-focused. In Datca, we found dinner tables right on the beach. During the day the tables were stored away, and every evening put out along with lamps and electrical extension cords. Simple, creative […]

Prometheus vs. The Chimera

Steal Me

The Chimera Sleeps Below

Along the Turkish Mediterranean coast where the Greeks used to live, there is a second Mount Olympos (We Americans would have called it New Olympos). At the foot of Mount Olympus (the second) is a hillside famous for thousands of years. It’s famous because it’s been on fire […]

Old Places

One Level Up - Humpy Floor

Just Chilling

Among others vying for the title of “Oldest Continuously Inhabited Places on Earth” is Harran. It’s an interesting stop a few reasons:

Abraham (Yes, THE Abraham) lived here Beehive houses (designed three thousand years ago) A really nice ruined castle to clamber over

Beehive houses are designed to stay cool […]

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