Peter’s Place

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Turkey has all sorts of wonderful historical elements left over from the countless different groups that lived here at various times during history.  In the South East of Turkey in particular, one of these groups was the very early Christians.  Among the earliest of these upstarts was Peter, who found himself a nice quiet cave to do his preaching in town we call Antioch (Antakya in Turkish), where groups of the oft-persecuted people first started to call themselves ‘Christians’.

This is Peter’s Cave.

Disappointingly, we found that the guys who ran the facility were all Muslim.  Now, there are Christians in Turkey, presumably some of whom would be delighted to work in this creche of their beliefs.  However, we’ve found that Turkey seems to have some funny ideas about religious freedoms which is rather ideally displayed by the fact that no effort is made to find Christians to administer to one of the oldest and most revered Christian sites.

Anti-Persecution Escape Tunnel

Peter’s cave has several interesting features.  One of them is an escape tunnel located in the rear left of the cave.  Another is a still pool on the rear right which handily collects water dripping down the wall into a nice basin for performing on-the-spot baptisms.

It isn’t very big, but being in a cave on the outskirts of town of potentially hostile inhabitants, it has its attractions.

Crusader Constructions

This is a rather nice wall out front that the crusaders built while on their way past here to Jerusalem.

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