Silk Road Hotel

The famous silk road crossed our path. Or, to put it in order of historical importance, we’ve managed to come across the silk road’s path here in Turkey.

The silk road is dotted with little oases of repose (called Caravanserai) along the way, about 15 to 30 km  (a day’s walk/ride) apart, providing water, shade, and a protective wall to the traveling merchants plying the east-west trade route. A number of them still stand. The one we visited was a sandy-coloured stone building framing a courtyard open to the sky. Quite a neat place to be in. The spot exudes calm and cool from the big stone walls and it is easy to picture the weary, dusty travel that would have been involved to get there.

If you look closely at the pictures you will see the old solid WOOD wheels that were used,  protected by an exterior metal rim – the wheel equivalent of horseshoes….

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