Unique Dining

With a warm climate comes outdoor eating. With outdoor eating comes cafe and restaurant crowded streets which always feel lively and pleasantly pedestrian-focused. In Datca, we found dinner tables right on the beach. During the day the tables were stored away, and every evening put out along with lamps and electrical extension cords. Simple, creative use of outdoor space.

Datca Dining

By chance we’ve stumbled upon some neat spots. Having a vehicle has made it easier to take advantage of the more out of the way ones.

Boardwalks and tables on stilts

Here’s another example of Turkish creative use of natural features: a restaurant nestled in a river. They offered a chance to fish for your dinner. The tables were cleverly perched on low stilts over rocky pools. A few trees providing shade and the running water made it a lovely, cool spot (much needed in Turkish summer) with lots to watch: fish in the pools of water, a few ducks and diners hoping to be successful fishermen. We suspect that the fish were fed – we didn’t witness a single catch while we were there.

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