Prometheus vs. The Chimera

The Chimera Sleeps Below

Along the Turkish Mediterranean coast where the Greeks used to live, there is a second Mount Olympos (We Americans would have called it New Olympos).  At the foot of Mount Olympus (the second) is a hillside famous for thousands of years.  It’s famous because it’s been on fire for those thousands of years.  Apparently, it’s dying down a bit, since the flames used to be easily visible by ships sailing by in the Med (about a kilometer away).

At the moment they are conveniently about the size of a small camp fire.

So this hillside has some sort of methane gas that has been streaming out of the hillside (on fire) continuously throughout recorded human history.  It is suspected to be the source of the Chimera legend (the lion-goat-snake) of Homeric fame.

It occurred to me that Prometheus might have had it easier than he let on in his quest to ‘steal fire from the gods’ if it really only involved some sailing and an hours walk in the woods.

Steal Me

In my mind, his people accidentally let their fire go out and turn to him and he says “Again?”, sighs, “Oh all right, I’ll be right back…”

The neatest thing about seeing these fires burning away is that some of the fires don’t have visible holes and so it looks just like the rocks themselves are burning.

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