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Among others vying for the title of “Oldest Continuously Inhabited Places on Earth” is Harran.  It’s an interesting stop a few reasons:

  1. Abraham (Yes, THE Abraham) lived here
  2. Beehive houses (designed three thousand years ago)
  3. A really nice ruined castle to clamber over

Beehive houses are designed to stay cool on this baking dry desert plain.  Most people seemed to have them as storage areas (and to draw the tourists) in this age of air conditioning.

Roomy Fixer-Upper

The castle ruins were very fun to explore.  Un-reconstructed, you could climb up and over and under all three levels of the castle.  Each one had twenty foot high vaulted ceilings, which made the three levels together quite a high building.  The outer walls were huge blocks of stone that seem to have weathered the encroaching village fairly well.

The inside arched ceilings were made of wide clay bricks.  These ceilings made of interlaced bricks were still strong enough to walk over, as we found out walking around on levels 2 and 3.

Old Arched Ceiling

One Level Up - Humpy Floor

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