Figs – going to the source

Everytime I look at a package of dried figs in the grocery store in Europe (usually with longing) I notice that the country of origin is often Turkey. Along the way on this trip I’ve been biding my time and waiting for a chance to indulge in my rightful Greek heritage. We finally arrived in Turkey and I’ve been enjoying the abundance of figs.

On the left, you see one dried fig, one fresh green-skinned fig, and one with the red sweet interior exposed. There is also a dark purply-black skinned variety.

The dried versions make a great snack and last forever. Here in Turkey they even come in necklace form.

Fig necklace

To give you an idea of relative cost: In Canada, a fresh fig (as in one fresh fig) goes for $0.99.

Here, fresh figs go for about 2.50 Turkish Lira per kilo. At the local weekly market in Fo├ža, I bought 7 figs for 1.50 Turkish Lira – 0.22 or about 0.10 Euros each… And they were absolutely delicious! Exotic fruit is definitely one of the fun parts of traveling.

In the background you can catch a glimpse of the Aegean sea – the ideal setting for enjoying fresh, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth fruit.

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