Derinkuyu – An Underground City!

Homey for Hobbits

This is one of the coolest places I’ve ever seen, an entire town built underground.  Basically the idea was that the whole town would hide underground when those persecuting armies would come invading.  There are several in the area, but this one in Derinkuyu was huge, with hundreds of tunnels, rooms, stairwells, and air shafts.  They had places to store animals, a chapel, running water, toilets, and everything else they could think of to withstand sieges.  I believe this one was seven levels deep.

One interesting defense against having those marauding armies just follow you underground was to build yourself some nice stone doors.  These guys decided to build nice round rolling doors that would cover the access tunnel by slotting neatly into the disc-shaped wall slots on the far wall.  You could then brace the door to prevent it from being rolled back again, leaving those marauding armies with a foot thick stone door to deal with before they could do any more marauding.

Ready for Refugees

Ready to Roll the Rock

A firmly closed door.

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