Plucky Girl

Now that we are out of the no-YouTube zone (in Turkey, see the Attaturk post) we can again post and link videos in the blog.

To get warmed up, here are a couple of videos taken while we were staying with the rural farming family in the grasslands of Eastern Turkey.

We were asked a bunch of times before dinner if we would eat a chicken if they killed one. There was also some interesting back-and-forth about which chicken was going to get it to keep us all fed. It is the eldest son’s job, apparently, to do the actual chicken catching. However, when he first came back triumphantly holding our soon to be dinner, she was given a last minute reprieve when somebody noted that she was still laying. That meant another chase for our boy, who then showed up with this young cockerel.

The second video is a machine that takes in raw cow milk in one end and separates it for cheese-making, drinking etc. into milk and cream streams. There is a short shot at the end of several members of the extended family standing around making sure she’s doing it right…

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