The Final Count

As soon as we showed our heads in England we got asked, what are the numbers? Finally here is the official tally of our trip in its entirety. While admittedly, not all the countries we stopped in we can say we really visited (especially on the drive home) we did cross all of their borders. This is what our map looks like now.

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All the countries we wandered you can see on the map are: France, Andorra, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium. Our numbers look like this:

Mileage:   14,341

Number of Countries:   18

Length of Time:   8 months to the day

The HOW FAR? contest has new winners:

Dick holds the title for mileage since his was the largest guess of 11,000 miles.

Nick and Romey are tied winners for being the closest on number of countries (Nick guessed 17 and Romey guessed 19)

Alex and Gaye also have claim to fame  for guessing correctly the number of months (8).


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