Lost In Translation


No way!  I speak and language English too!!! I’m so glad I found you!!


Not how I picture a FREED chicken…


People say that everyone perceives colour differently…


If you want a name no one will forget


I think I would be disappointed with their pie options, but I’m still intrigued.


You know what to do!

The Turks have a strict code about toilet paper, but as you can see it is not always easy to comply with the instructions…


Serbian Wine

It all looks good until you get to the WINE….. and then you have the excruciating choice between WRAIT and RED…..


The stars in Serbian

Could you recognize: DZENIFER KONELI, KEJT BLANSET, or DRU BARIMOR in this Serbian magazine?




She sells seashells

Prefer a light lunch? Can I suggest the “seashells”?


And when it comes to matches on this beach…. FOC NO!



Menus are a constant source of laughter!!

I love that “Espinach” has its own built-in Spanish accent in English :-)

Crusty shrimps? Anyone?

Can you spot any more?


Who knew prats had their own saint?


Piscine & ____________?

Pool AND _____________????


Practical info?

Because I always want to know the number of hours of sunlight a place receives before I visit
And the precise air quality measure lets me breathe easier….


Tourist pamphlet writeup for some Caves

And the English tag line:

Supposedly English tagline

4 comments to Lost In Translation

  • kas

    perhaps the whole list of refreshments needs reviewing: mineral water – knjaz or con gaz

    • Christina

      That Serbian menu that I posted on the Lost in Translation page was funny. It also featured a “Trout onaspit” that we puzzled over. Did they really mean on a spit?

  • kas

    They probably meant spit as in BBQ – but could have used the word grilled.

  • leahsharzer

    OMG you guys should be on Jay Leno, but i have to say i don’t see what’s funny about seashells, i often eat them with my crusty shrimp for lunch, jaw muscles need exercise too you know! isn’t it funny how some of the most horrible translations are from France, c’est un pays vraiment perdu par rapport à la traduction.

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