The Final Count

As soon as we showed our heads in England we got asked, what are the numbers? Finally here is the official tally of our trip in its entirety. While admittedly, not all the countries we stopped in we can say we really visited (especially on the drive home) we did cross all of their borders. This is what our map looks like now.

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All the countries we wandered you can see on the map are: France, Andorra, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium. Our numbers look like this:

Mileage:   14,341

Number of Countries:   18

Length of Time:   8 months to the day

The HOW FAR? contest has new winners:

Dick holds the title for mileage since his was the largest guess of 11,000 miles.

Nick and Romey are tied winners for being the closest on number of countries (Nick guessed 17 and Romey guessed 19)

Alex and Gaye also have claim to fame  for guessing correctly the number of months (8).


All’s well that ends well

The Road Ahead

As you can tell from the images Stephen put up, the damage was not minor. We had said, when setting out, that the guesses in our HOW FAR? contest were for one engine. We had a few minor problems up until this point: a wheel noise that magically disappeared despite of the misleading advice of Peugeot to the contrary, a loose exhaust that we had soldered in place in Serbia, and even a belt (pressurizing the power steering) that snapped on us. This time, though, the problem was a lot more serious. We feel like Veronique has just undergone bypass surgery and has been given a second lease on life. So, on August 24 when the van wouldn’t start, our numbers looked like this:

10,352 miles

10 countries

6 months, 1 week

Which means that those in first place are: IAN for mileage, DICK for number of countries, and ELEANOR for length of time. CONGRATULATIONS!

But it’s not over! We will continue to keep counting countries and distance and for those of you curious about how long we will last in our van-living travels.

Leaps and Bounds

For those of you paying close attention, you will have noticed that we’re behind in announcing our current HOW FAR? contest leaders. Since the last announcement we whizzed through Bulgaria and crossed into Turkey, and have added considerably to our mileage, having driven all the way to the easternmost edge of Turkey next to the Armenian border. The current contest headliners are Dick for his guess of 10 countries, and Nick for his guess of 9000 miles.

I would like to mention Tricia’s guess of 9 countries, Martin’s guess of 7,500 miles and then, Romey’s guess of 8,500 miles that all had their time, but slipped under the radar until now.

Time Flies!

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVIE who is the current leader in our HOW FAR? contest as we hit our 5 month anniversary of leaving England in Krusevac (pronounced Kru-sh-vats), Serbia.

I have to admit that I enjoy pouring over the map of the places we’ve been. I thought I’d share the big picture of what our wanderings have produced in the last 5 months. Each colour represents a different country.

View NeverQuiteThere in a larger map

You can always find this map on our MAP tab at the top of the page where you can zoom in and have a look for yourself at the location of all the exotic sounding place names we mention along the way.

Triumphant triumvirate

Our HOW FAR? contest continues to progress. Crossing over into Serbia means we have new leaders to announce. In fact, we currently have new leaders in every category: Alex with her guess of 8 countries, Beth with her guess of 4.5 months, and Gaye with her guess of 6500 miles.

How long can you go?

CONTEST UPDATE: Millie and Dick are in the lead for their guess of 4 months. We officially left England in our van 4 months ago in February. We have a snowy postcard of France up on the wall to remind us that, aside from countries, we’ve also driven through seasons.

Check out where your guess stands on our HOW FAR? page.

Adding up the miles

From the control centre

We are now in Croatia and Véronique our van has just completed 100,000 miles for her lifetime mileage and is still running strong!

That means we have new leaders to announce in our HOW FAR? contest ! Ben is currently ahead in two categories for his guess of 5000 miles and 7 countries. Beth is also in the lead for her guess of 7 countries.

The number of guesses still in the running is getting slimmer!

Another tie!

We have a four-way tie at the moment in our HOW FAR? contest. We have managed to find our way to 6 countries, excluding England:  France, Andorra, Spain, Monaco, Italy and now Slovenia! And Tessa, Millie, Eleanor, and Evie are the current winners, all with a guess of 6 countries.

Ben’s in the lead

Ben is the current leader in our HOW FAR? contest. We just passed the 4000 mile mark, so his guess at 5000 miles is the next to beat.

Let’s see how long his lead lasts :-)

Contest update

Tessa, Tricia and Jim are currently tied for the closest mileage guess of 4000 in our HOW FAR? contest. Our current mileage is 3,812.

Jim still holds position number one for his guess of 3 countries.

Best of luck to all.

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