Fun with words

I have Spanish flowing through me. I feel like I must be muttering Spanish words in my sleep at this point, but Stephen hasn’t complained yet.

Here’s a fun one – my most recent Spanish word: to be surprised or amazed is “asombrar”or which literally translates as to cast a shadow on. Next time my shadow falls across you, don’t forget to be surprised!

Being immersed in another language also means there is some fun to be had with the English in some of the menus:

Fried mass hoops anyone?

Fried mass hoops anyone?

Strange, but somehow the French seems to better off…. By the way, the fried mass hoops come highly recommended. They were delicious.

How about some shattered corn?

How about some shattered corn?

Fish cubes stew or poisson cru…..Do the dishes change if you order them in different languages?

6 Responses

  1. Romey Booth says:

    I definitely would eat it in French. What was the mass hoops? Beignets?

  2. Leah says:

    this is too much for me! i’m longing for some mass hoops! so much better than beignets (troués) yes, we’re not talking about hole-less donuts here…tell me, did someone try the mass of shattered corn? sounds sharp…

  3. Stephen says:

    Read the shattered corn recipe again and see if you can guess what they mean. Think of a Latin American dish from somewhere between Peru and the United States 🙂

  4. Romey Booth says:


  5. Karen says:

    Stephen you are talking about tamales and in the Caribbean there is a similar recipe called conkies all made with a corn flour mix and steamed in a banana leaf

    • Stephen says:

      Yes, that is exactly the mass of shattered corn I was referring to 🙂

      I ate many of them in Mexico.

      Today I asked a waiter to pick something off a menu and he selected calf stomach stir fry. Yum!

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