Riding our horses into the sunset

Yesterday we went off on a sunset horse riding trek with a 4th generation “huasco” (Chilean word for cowboy) who retired from working at a local Pisco distillery and now offers horse riding outings in the Elqui valley with a Chilean breed of horse.

The landscape of dry hills, cacti and vineyards was a perfect setting for a beautiful sunset. Being in Chile, no sooner had our guide taught us all to stop than we were all surprised to find ourselves practicing to gallop! (No helmets or waivers in sight). It was fabulous!


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5 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    The sunset ride sounds great! What a sky!

  2. Romey Booth says:

    Not sure who was bravest, Brujo or Stephen!

  3. Karen says:

    Are both drinks the same pisco sour drink – seems one is white and one is green, I will have to look up the recipe. Have a safe plane trip to San Francisco and send some pictures of the famous streets and maybe some painted lady houses. See you very soon!

    • Christina says:

      It seems that in Peru, pisco sours include egg white to make the drink frothy and a touch of bitters. In Chile, they seem to do use a different recipe with only lime, pisco and sugar syrup. I’ll have to rely on Stephen’s cocktail-making skills to get my fix from time to time.

      Fun find about the San Fran pisco sour scene 🙂

  4. Karen says:


    when in San Francisco you will have to go to this web site to try what this City has to offer.

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